440 Panel Array Installed in Texas

A 43kW solar array, with panels stretching over 6000 square feet, has begun generating electricity in Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas – July 19,2002 [SolarAccess.com] The project is an effort of the Upper Kirby District Foundation, Green Mountain Energy Company and Nuon Renewable Ventures and will be known as Green Mountain Energy Solar at the Upper Kirby District. The roof-mounted commercial scale facility takes is slightly larger than a professional basketball court. The array is owned and operated by Nuon and is located on top of the Upper Kirby District Foundation building in Houston. Electricity generated from the installation will be delivered to the Texas electric grid due to the support of Green Mountain Energy Company’s Big Texas Sun Club members. BP Solar, the world’s largest manufacturers of photovoltaic equipment, was responsible for the design and installation of the solar facility. The array is made up of 440 BP Solar MSX-120 panels with a total of 31,680 individual multicrystalline solar cells. “The production of electricity is the No. 1 cause of industrial air pollution in the nation. This new, clean energy facility is a symbol of the growing interest Texans have in pollution-free electricity, since it is a direct result of our Big Texas Sun Club,” said Gillan Taddune, Texas region president for Green Mountain Energy Company. “Our Big Texas Sun Club customers choose to provide monetary support for solar facilities and education in Texas, and it is their commitment to clean energy that made this project possible.” In addition to signing up for the company’s 100 percent wind power electricity, Green Mountain Energy electricity customers in Texas can also join the Big Texas Sun Club to help construct, develop and maintain new solar facilities in Texas as well as promote statewide education about solar energy. The facility will be owned and operated by Nuon, the Netherland’s largest utility and a leader in Renewable Energy development. Green Mountain Energy Company and Nuon also recently dedicated a 57kW solar facility in Dallas as well as a solar array near Cleveland. “As a company dedicated to improving the environment and investing in sustainable energy technologies; Nuon is proud to participate in a project that provides clean energy and educates the public at large,” said Matt Cheney, chief operating officer of Nuon Renewable Ventures USA. “We feel that there is a bright future for projects like these in the State of Texas.”
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