100-kW Bloom Box Unveiled in Tennessee

Officials and representatives in Chattanooga, Tennessee this week inaugurated the City’s first Bloom Box, a 100-kilowatt (kW) energy system based on fuel cell technology from California’s Bloom Energy. The project is the continuation of a long-standing partnership between the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the National Center for Computational Engineering (SimCenter), EPB, TVA, The Enterprise Center and Bloom Energy that began with Bloom’s first field trial of its technology in 2006.

The units will be closely monitored by EPB, Bloom Energy, and the National Center for Computational Engineering (SimCenter) to optimize and simulate performance and to provide educational value on cutting edge energy technology. Located on the top floor of the EPB building’s parking garage, in downtown Chattanooga, the Bloom Box will be a showcase piece for innovation and for successful collaboration between the public and private sectors

With major support from Congressman Zach Wamp, and in conjunction with TVA, this project will provide power 24/7 to EPB’s building. 

“The Tennessee Valley has been involved with this technology for a long time, and we’re now at the point of demonstrating its viability as a compliment to the grid. The ultimate goal would be to manufacture fuel cells in Tennessee and further advance the new manufacturing boon in the Tennessee Valley Corridor,” Congressman Wamp said. “Bloom’s technology could have a tremendous impact for the world in creating new energy sources and is cleaner and more efficient than much of today’s power generation. Fuel cell technology coupled with increased nuclear energy could significantly shrink our country’s carbon footprint.”

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