100 Fuel Cells Headed for Lift Truck Market

Ballard Power Systems signed a supply agreement with General Hydrogen to deliver more than 100 Mark9 SSL fuel cells, ranging from 4.8 kW to 21.1 kW in power output, for integration into General Hydrogen’s power units, currently available for commercial sales in the lift truck market.

“The flexibility of our Mk 902 fuel cell platform, which was developed for automotive applications, provides systems integrators like General Hydrogen with a high-value, cost-effective alternative to the conventional technologies being used in fork lift applications today,” said Noordin Nanji, Ballard’s VP. Benefits include economics, workplace conditions, and customization. “The lift truck market for battery replacement technology is here and now and represents a major market opportunity for General Hydrogen,” said Frank Trotter, General Hydrogen’s president and CEO. “The market is driven not only by the economic need to be as efficient as possible, but also the requirement to meet ever-increasing environmental standards in the workplace for the health and safety of workers.” Nonautomotive Applications for Ballard’s Mark9 SSL Fuel Cell are also available to customers with fuel cell integration capabilities, as the liquid-cooled, hydrogen-fueled Mark9 SSL fuel cell can be configured for rugged, motive or stationary power applications, is scalable in power increments depending on requirements, and can optimize reliability.
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