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More wind and solar capacity could save some of the world’s most important rivers

While it’s broadly recognized that a dramatic expansion of renewables is necessary to attain climate goals, this expansion also holds great potential to reduce negative impacts on rivers, and the communities and resources, such as fisheries, that depend on healthy, connected rivers.

Energy jobs are key to economic recovery from the pandemic

Energy workers are paid more, their jobs came back more quickly, and they have greater growth opportunities than almost any other sector, new report...

World adds record new renewable energy capacity in 2020

Despite COVID-19 pandemic, more than 260GW of renewable energy capacity added globally in 2020, beating previous record by almost 50%

RWE Renewables adding 40-MW / 80-MWh storage to its 200-MW solar project in Georgia

RWE Renewables said with the addition of the dispatchable storage solution, it will be able to sell nearly all of the 200 MW of generation from the solar PV to Georgia Power Company.

How ‘green’ are electric cars?

It is important to address the huge implications for our natural resources not only to produce green technologies like electric cars, but to keep them charged.

Here’s a short summary of energy industry gains through Biden’s infrastructure plan

Today in Pittsburgh, PA, US President Biden unveiled his new infrastructure plan for the country. The “American Jobs Plan” calls on Congress to pass...

The future of energy in the US could hinge on permitting reform and greater...

Energy powerhouses, Ernest Moniz and Lynn Good, talk politics, R&D, stakeholder engagement, transmission, EVs and a host of other topics around the future of energy in the US.

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