John Glassmire

Senior Advisor, Grid Edge Solutions, ABB Power Grids

John Glassmire is a senior advisor for Grid Edge Solutions at ABB. Trained as a mechanical/electrical engineer, John has extensive experience in the technical and economic potential for distributed energy resources to provide clean, low-cost, reliable power. He has led and worked on a wide-variety of energy research and consulting projects including targeted business cases for customers considering renewable energy and batteries, cost-to-society environmental and economic impacts of clean energy technologies for grid planning, integrated resource planning for energy infrastructure, ex-post financial analysis of demand management programs, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks for energy efficiency and distributed energy programs.

His experience is global, ranging from small islands in the Pacific, to isolated Arctic diesel grids, to larger island utilities in the Caribbean, to grid edge technologies in mainland utility networks in Australia, North American, and Europe. An accomplished speaker, he has led training workshops on unlocking the benefits of battery energy storage systems, integrating renewables into electrical grids, and microgrid resiliency for thousands of people worldwide. John also serves as an adjunct professor in distributed power systems at the University of Washington. BSME (Rice), MSME (Northwestern).

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