Driss Berraho

Business Development Manager

Driss is a dual graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (France) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden). Driss worked as an analyst within the Renewable Energy Division at the International Energy Agency, supporting the work on the Concentrated Solar Power roadmap released in 2010. Later, at AREVA, he served as an analyst, conducting various market studies, including future options for the Japanese energy mix following the Fukushima accident. Driss joined Nur Energie in 2012 to develop solar projects in Morocco and supporting the development of the TuNur project, a 2GW CSP project aiming at exporting electricity from Tunisia to Europe. Driss has been a Business Development Manager with ACWA Power since December 2013, part of the core team which developed and got awarded the 200 MW Noor II parabolic trough and 150 MW Noor III central tower CSP projects in Ouarzazate, Morocco, as well as recently submitting the most competitive bid for the 170 MW NOOR PV project in Morocco.

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