Dan Tauskey


Dan Tauskey is CEO of Pegasus Interactive, an aviation consulting firm he founded in 1997. Pegasus partners with and supports global corporations that are active in both the manned and unmanned aerospace markets. The company developed & published an award-winning brand of courseware & flight planning applications, later sold to Boeing in 2010. Pegasus provides contract UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, aka drones)  program management to multiple clients in the AEC industry, including developing flight operations manuals, training programs & courseware, as well as offering flight department & regulatory consulting. In addition, the company provides FAA approved UAS photogrammetry & inspection flight services, with a focus on aerial data capture for use in reality mesh software applications. Mr. Tauskey directs a nationwide network of commercial UAS pilots, and has extensive flight experience with UAS flight & ground control systems, various payload & gimbal systems, mission planning, flight management & mapping software.  

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