Brent Harris

Director of Technology & Co-Founder

Brent Harris is the Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Eguana Technologies, the leading supplier of power control systems for residential and commercial energy storage systems. Brent is an inventor of the Company’s technologies and has led the commercialization of the its products. He has a passion for decentralized energy in general and for solar+storage in particular. He is an active proponent of changes to the management and regulation of our electric system that will enable greater adoption of decentralized renewable energy technologies and has been actively engaged in various industry organizations in Canada and the US. Brent is a graduate of Queens’ University in Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, and was selected as one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine in 2009.

"Decentralized Energy must play a key role in our electricity supply system if we are to have any chance of succeeding in meeting our future electricity needs. Rising populations, rising expectations on quality of life, and the advent of the electric car are all going to put enormous pressure on our electricity infrastructure. Spiraling costs, dwindling conventional energy supplies, emissions concerns, and the sheer time involved between planning and commissioning conventional power plants make them less and less attractive as time goes on. It won’t happen overnight, but these infrastructure assets have a long service life, and there is lots of work to do before DE can deliver a significant portion of our energy, so if we are going to meet the challenge we need to change the decisions and investments we are making today".

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