Zero-Energy Homes Need Builders

September 23, 2004 [] A pre-bid request for proposal (RFP) conference for a Zero-Energy New Homes (SENH) project out of the Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28 in Sacramento, California. This RFP is focused on single- and multi-family production housing in Climate Zones 8-13 to address the rapid growth in housing and accompanying peak demand in California’s hot Central Valley and South Inland areas. Proposals should develop solutions that integrate the best available energy efficiency measures and solar photovoltaic (PV) designs by climate zone with the most effective business models to reduce the cost of these measures to the homeowner. Basic research and technology development, including improvements to underlying energy efficiency or renewables technologies, are not focus areas for this RFP. To ensure that research results are adopted in the marketplace proposals should come from teams that include manufacturers, designers, the building industry, utilities, local governments, and other energy efficiency and/or renewables programs. Proposals submitted should reflect knowledge of customer behavior, industry practices and, where appropriate, research should focus on specific California applications or relevance. For more information contact the California Energy Commission at (916) 654-4392, or go to the link below.
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