Yingli refuted the allegation that Chinese solar companies have obtained the illegal subsidies

Recently, Euprosun has raised the lift the anti-subsidy complaint against Chinese solar energy enterprises to the EU Commit, which means that the Chinese PV power inverter companies, running about the American double anti-dumping bill, is most likely to encounter the anti-dumping crush from the Europe.


EuProsun is a European solar company union organization leading by German SolarWorld. For their actions, On September 26, Yingli has released a claim to solemnly refute EuProsun to lift the anti-subsidy complaint against Chinese solar energy enterprises to the EU Commit.


The CEO of Yingli Green Energy Miao Liansheng said: ‘As a listed company in NYSE, our financing channels and cost are completely transparent. From 2009 to 2011, the weighted average interest rate of Yingli was 6.3%-7.1%, which is consistent with the normal solar inverter level. Besides, we don’t have any illegal subsidies from government. The success of Yingli all depend on our advanced production technology and equipment, continued technological progress as well as a solid customer base.’


The general manager of Yingli European Darren Thompson said: ‘Solar Photovoltaic has shown great development potential all over the world. Levying punitive tariff will inevitably lead to the higher price of the photovoltaic product and further threaten thousands of employment opportunities. The European small and medium solar PV inverter companies will also suffer a serious blow.’

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