Xantrex Receives US $1M Order for Solar Inverters in Germany

Xantrex Technology Inc. received an order to supply approximately US $1 million of its 500-kilowatt (kW) solar grid tie (GT500E) commercial inverters for three projects in Germany through Relatio Innovative Concepts (Relatio).

These solar projects are expected to be implemented before the end of this year. Solar power is an attractive investment in Germany largely due to positive government policy and incentives. The GT500E commercial solar inverter is a 500 kW three-phase advanced power electronics system for grid-connected solar arrays. The inverter, Xantrex’s largest, efficiently converts 500 kilowatts of DC electricity from solar panels into high quality AC electricity for sale to the utility grid. Designed for European solar installations, the GT500E meets all applicable CE requirements. “The opportunities in the European solar market are exciting,” said Xantrex CEO John Wallace. “Our goal is to have Xantrex products be the first choice for renewable energy customers in Europe.”
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