Xantrex Helps Power New Science Center

When Yavapai College in Arizona decided to build its new Agribusiness & Science Technology Center, incorporating “green” materials and technology in the construction and operation of the facility was a priority.

Chino Valley, Arizona – March 10, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] The College installed a solar power system including a Xantrex SunTie XR (STXR) Grid-Tie Inverter, which converts the DC power generated by the system’s solar panels into high-quality AC electricity for use in the classrooms. When connected to the electrical grid, it literally spins the utility meter backwards by supplying any excess power produced to the utility grid. EV Solar Products installed the STXR and solar panels at the College’s Agribusiness & Science Technology Center. EV Solar’s Ben Mancini, also a part-time faculty member who teaches a renewable energy class, worked on the project. He says because the College wanted students to learn in the classroom and from the building itself, the architects decided to install the STXR in an open, common area. “The STXR is installed in the main hallway of the facility, so students and faculty are constantly reminded that there is a solar array on the building and that it is producing the power they are using,” said Mancini. “And at any time, they can monitor the energy that is being produced.” In the past, EV Solar’s projects have been back-up power installations using Xantrex SW Plus 4024 and 4048 inverters. “The Center is the first pure, utility grid-tie project we’ve done,” said Mancini. “The project went quite smoothly and when we tested the STXR for the utility company it performed flawlessly.”


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