Xantrex Exchange Program for Solar Inverter

Xantrex Technology is offering a product exchange program for home owners and renewable energy (RE) dealers unable to obtain warranty and repair support for the Advanced Energy Inc. (AEI) GC1000 inverter. The New Hampshire-based AEI filed for bankruptcy in 2002.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – October 22, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] For US$1,250, qualified homeowners and RE dealers can exchange an AEI GC 1000 inverter in any condition for a new Xantrex SunTie XR 5.0. The package includes a rain shield, a five-year warranty and shipping. The package has a retail value of $2,884 US. Xantrex said the exchange program represents savings of approximately US$1,600 for qualified participants and is being offered to homeowners with installed AEI GC1000s and dealers with AEI GC1000 inverters in stock. “When installed equipment breaks and the original manufacturer is unable to provide warranty and repair support it puts everyone in a tough spot,” said Lloyd Gomm, Xantrex director of marketing operations. “We feel that offering this product exchange program is a way to support homeowners, RE dealers and our industry’s reputation.” Xantrex stated that retrofitting a SunTie XR 5.0 for an AEI GC 1000 inverter should be relatively straightforward for installers since both products are 48-volt nominal input inverters. In addition, the SunTie XR 5.0 has a significantly higher power level and provides homeowners with flexibility to expand their system by installing additional modules.
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