Xantrex Announces Upgrade Program

Xantrex Technology Inc., a manufacturer of electronics and Renewable Energy, is announcing an upgrade program for its SunTie and SunTie XR grid-connected solar inverter product lines sold under the Xantrex and Trace brands.

Burnaby, British Columbia – October 3, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Xantrex is currently developing an upgrade that will improve its grid-connected inverters’ ability to harvest energy during periods of rapidly changing solar irradiance caused by mixed, fast-moving cloud cover. With the upgrade, SunTie and SunTie XR inverters installed in areas where this type of cloud cover is common will deliver noticeably more solar-generated kilowatt-hours to the utility grid. Xantrex expects to complete the upgrade development by the end of December. It will be available at no cost to all current Xantrex customers who have purchased a SunTie or a SunTie XR product. Xantrex will also offer the no cost upgrade to all Xantrex dealers and distributors for units they currently have in inventory. “While our SunTie and SunTie XR products undergo rigorous testing and meet all necessary regulatory requirements including UL-1741, we acknowledge that under certain conditions, some customers have seen performance that falls below what we would consider industry-leading. This is particularly true for customers living in climates prone to cloudy conditions throughout the day,” said Greg Brown, Xantrex’ president and chief operating officer. “Our primary objective for this upgrade program is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the performance of their Xantrex product. Customer feedback is essential to our product development process and we are committed to standing behind our products and our customers.”


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