WorldWater Lands Bids for Prominent Solar Projects

[] WorldWater & Power Corp has won a $1.9 million dollar bid award to design and install two solar electric systems at the Liberty Science Center, the most visited science museum in New Jersey. One photovoltaic installation, a 122 kW unit, is to be mounted on the roof of the newly expanded Liberty Science Center facility and will face the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of clean, renewable energy. The other, a 105 kW installation, is a “Solar Walkway” that will lead from the bus parking lot to the center’s main entrance. Here, overhead solar panels will serve double-duty as a canopy to protect visitors from the elements while generating electric power from the sun. Both units are expected to substantially reduce the Liberty Science Center’s utility costs. Connie Claman, Vice President of Resource Administration for the Center, said this will be a particularly appropriate installation for the expanded Science Center and will provide great visibility to the benefits of solar power to the citizens of the regions.

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