Why Solar Panels?

Why Solar Panels?

Even today, when most people think about the possibility of attaching solar panels to their roofs, they aren’t taking it serious, it’s just a pipe dream, an ideal, something that would be nice if they could afford it, these are the mental blocks that cause people to not follow through. The truth is solar panels are very affordable, and they often pay for themselves inside of 10 years, as efficiency increases the amount of time it will take to recoup your investment will be reduced drastically.

*For example if efficiency increases from the average 12% to 25% you could recoup your initial investment in 3-4 years.

Solar Panels and their image issues

Solar Panels are a relatively new technology, and the average consumer does not have experience purchasing them, or shopping for them. They might be aware they exist, but they don’t know what to look for or, why they are a good investment.

This is a typical marketing problem, in this article we will focus on the big picture benefits of solar panels, and what should drive the average solar panel consumer to purchase a solar array for their home.

* Also average efficiency for solar panels today are about 12%, anything less, you might not want to waste your time unless the solar panel is priced appropriately. I have seen efficiency percents up to as high as 18%, this would be ideal because you will have to purchase less panels, and you will recoup your investment more quickly.

There are four big picture reasons why you should install a solar array on your home.

1. Makes the world a better, cleaner place to live. (The more renewable energy we use, the less fossil fuel energy we use) Fossil fuels pollute the environment, solar panels do not, so every solar panel that collects energy, is energy we will not need from fossil fuels.

2. Real Estate value. Add solar panels to your home and your property value increases. And just think about the new potential homeowners, what would you be more likely to choose:

                a.  A house with no electric bill (Solar Panels)

                b.  Home without panels, and your electric bill.

Everyone would choose A, especially if the homes were in the same price range. This will allow you to recoup a big chunk of your initial installation costs.

3. No more electric bill, take your electric bill and use the monthly amount to begin to pay off your solar panel installation. With a typical 12% efficiency, you should of recouped your complete investment in 10 years.

4. The electric company will pay you for your excess energy. If you’re not consuming the electricity, you might as well make a profit. Perhaps, if you’re a good salesman, you can weasel them into an adjustable rate :p . This will also to allow you to recoup your investment quicker.

Solar panels are an investment, and it is one of the very few sure things this world has to offer. It pays for itself, and you can begin making money sooner rather than later. The best part being that there will be many upgrades in efficiency, and function. Any increase in these fields will allow you to begin turning a profit sooner. 

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