Why Investors Like Solar PV

The sluggish economy has hurt renewable energy project developers. In many cases, it’s incredibly difficult for companies to sign contacts to sell power. So why is the solar PV market going to grow by 100% globally this year?

Solar PV is starting to enter a “sweet spot.” Because the technology is falling so dramatically in cost, is less capital intensive to develop, is more adaptable and requires less permitting, investors are taking a keen interest in solar PV projects. In this podcast, we’ll examine the factors that make the market so attractive.

Jack Ehnes, the CEO of California’s second-largest public pension fund, CalSTRS, talks about the need for fund managers to look at broader sustainability issues in order to limit risk. The interview comes from the Ceres Sustainability Podcast.

Then we’ll have a roundtable discussion on how solar companies are engaging the financial community.

Dan Alcombright, vice president and general manager of Solon North America, talks about the company’s vertical strategy to manufacture panels, develop projects and work with financiers to fund the PV plants.

Wim Goethals, managing director of Enfinity Americas talks about the “brain damage” involved in financing projects of all sizes.

And Marie Schnitzer, director of solar services at AWS Truepower, explains why it’s important for the solar community to keep educating investors.

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