Who will be the next PV market giant?

The two traditional PV inverter countries, Europe and America, have made many changes on the PV policy, which may heavily suffer the European even the global PV market. But, what is pleasing us is that the rising of the emerging markets will fill in the blanks left by the two traditional giants. Canada, Japan, Australia and some other countries have become the emerging PV markets which attract attention of all the PV companies.


As the Italian government has published attractive PV subsidy policy and the decline of the PV modules’ price, many PV investors has found opportunities, which promotes the fast development of the Italian solar power market.


The Chinese PV industry has got attention from all over the world. There are abundant solar power resources in China. Theoretically, the reserve amount of standard coal reaches annual 1.7 trillion tons. The potential power of developing solar power resources is wide and huge.


It is also reported that the Mexican PV solar market is with huge prospects.


Romania may be the next Germany as a PV solar inverter country. A GTM report points out that the irradiance level of Romania is almost the same with Germany, which may surprise the global PV persons.


Dubai, which is lack of energy, has said in the 2030 Energy Strategy that they are planning to improve the rate of solar energy and other renewable energies. The Dubai government also wishes the distributed roof solar power can do help to meet their energy demand. According to the report, till 2021, the population of Dubai will be more with one million, then the energy consumption will be improved over 5%.

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