Where would we find recycled building material suppliers?

We are looking to retire in New England, and are interested in a modular home using recycled materials, where would we find suppliers? Husband and Wife NH

Recycled materials offer benefits in terms of conserving material resources, reducing waste disposal and pollution, and they are an embodiment of saved energy costs because recycling saves large amounts of energy that would have been required in producing new products. Consumers should look for providers who offer recycled products instead of new wherever possible. In some cases it’s uneconomical to recycle or reuse many construction materials due to the labor costs to remove nails from lumber. Aside from the reliable technical web sites, such as the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, my two favorite places to look for contractors who use recycled materials are the green builder directory and green home building web sites. There’s not enough room to cover every provider here, but there are a few notable providers in the mid-America to east coasts for you to consider. In the five mid-western states, Design Homes based in Praire du Chen, Wisconsin, offers 19 modular models and they are willing to incorporate materials and efficiency into their options. Avis America has affiliated builders in New England and many of them specialize in energy efficiency, recycled materials and renewable options, depending on the particular affiliate. Design Homes of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania offers the Solar Patriot designed by Don Bradley of Solar Strategies, which incorporates solar water heating, photovoltaics, ground-coupled heat pump, and passive solar design features. Their Alden Hathaway house design was covered by Mother Earth News, and a review can be found on their Web site. (http://www.motherearthnews.com/rec/re/2118/) Modular manufacturers and builders are taking steps to upgrade their products by increasing quality and focusing on energy savings and reliability. My strong guidance is “to ask, and you shall receive” rather than just accepting product without your requirements and priorities in mind.
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