When You Can’t Buy Solar Panels Use Smaller Emergency Devices Instead

Surviving a disaster is a terrible experience, but often worse is dealing with the aftermath. No one wants to have to suffer through digging out of a disaster, treating wounds and struggling to find fresh water without electricity. Yet, this most vital of services is often cut off after a disaster.

Lots of people prepare for disasters by setting up emergency kits. They also buy solar panels and back up generators to ensure they have power afterwards. However, a disaster can destroy the home, leaving survivors unable to make use of this equipment. Naturally, survivors still need to take care of basic requirements without power.

There are other ways to utilize solar power in a compact, less involved form. Solar power cookers are capable of fully cooking meals and boiling water to sterilize it. These small devices are capable of making life much easier for survivors in the aftermath of a disaster.

Most people are familiar with the box solar cooker that features four large metal panels to focus light into the box for cooking. However, this box is somewhat unwieldy and doesn’t fold down very much for storage or moving. One designer, Cheng-Tsung Feng, has created a unique solar oven concept. He’s created a solar oven that folds down and features easy assembly and use. The oven comes folded down in an oval shell with hard plastic outer cover. This shell can be unfolded and set up using accessories that come with the kit. When it’s time to move or put it back into storage, the solar cooker can be folded back down again.

Another great solar option for those who want solar panels to power electrical devices are portable panels that roll up. These panels are flexible and easy to store someplace safe. They provide around 6 to 9 watts of power.

Solar powered flashlights and keychain lights are an option that can help provide light to survivors of a disaster too. Just charge up the lights during the day and use them at night. Small portable, rechargeable radios and other devices can also use solar power to provide the essentials during an emergency situation.

When you hear the enviornmental news that disaster strikes, the world becomes a very discordant place. It’s a lot harder to get cleaned up, take care of wounds, cook and contact others without power. When solar panels and other forms of emergency energy are unacceptable, smaller solar powered devices help make things easier.

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