What will be the cost and price of the PV modules

It is the season of their publishing financial statements of the PV power inverter modules suppliers. According to many published financial statement of the second quarter, the whole PV industry continues the trend of creating records of last quarter. There are several features particularly striking in this quarter.


The cost reduced.


If considering of the keeping reduce of German FIT and incentives in the main solar power inverter market and it reduced faster than expected a year before, it won’t be surprising that the suppliers focus on reducing costs. In an industry that wants to be independent from the current mechanism, it is very important to reduce cost so as to keep the price competition advantage and the benefit ability.


The American company First Solar is famous with its low cost and the result of the second quarter this year also doesn’t disappoint us. By improving production, rate and reduce the row material solar power inverter cost, the module cost of the second quarter decrease by 8% and to be 74 cent per W.


Based on high expect of the existing third-quarter shipment and installation, IMS Research expects that the module cost of the third quarter this year will decrease again. However, due to the short of the silicon, the cost of crystal silicon manufacturer will be increase, which makes them hard to further reduce the cost, while the thin-film components supplier, such as First Solar, gets some advantages.

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