What are your plans for the holidays?


 One stills photo per frame  One stills photo per frame


I have been working at SolarEdge for a few months now as an electrical engineer.

I noticed that at SolarEdge tight schedules and piles of responsibilities didn’t seem to come at the expense of a fun working environment, clearly generated by its employees.

I understood that this environment was the real engine driving the company forward.

It might be inappropriate for an engineer like myself to say, but it is the most powerful engine I know. 

Still fairly new to the company, I too wanted to become a part of it and get to know everyone better.

Bring your props

With the holiday season approaching, I believed the best way to get in touch with my colleagues would be to ask them:

“What are your plans for the holidays?” My initiative quickly spread.

Within two days the marketing crew and I spoke to all 180 employees.

We captured everything on video but instead of keeping the movie, we printed every single frame, a total of 2,600 frames.

We then took photos of employees holding up these frames in a continuous sequence, creating the illusion of movement.

Through these photos we tell each other’s holiday story. It is titled: “Happy Holidays”.

Enough said. Watch the clip.


SolarEdge people


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