Vote Approaches for California Solar Homes Bill

August 10, 2004 [] SB 1652, the Solar Homes bill authored by State Senator Kevin Murray and sponsored by Environment California will be voted on in Assembly Appropriations on Wednesday, according to Environment California, one of the bill’s main sponsors. The bill will be amended to make three main changes proposed by CalEPA: Establish a new $100 million per year fund to lower the cost of solar systems for future homeowners over ten years; Lift the current net metering cap to 5% peak energy demand allowing homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the grid; and, Establish a minimum standard for builders that begins at 5% in 2010 and reaches 50% by 2020, meant to provide a backstop should incentives fail to work in the early years. According to Environment California, Governor Schwarzenegger has yet to approve this plan. If SB 1652 is passed by Assembly Appropriations, it is scheduled to head to the Assembly Floor for a vote and then back to the Senate which passed an earlier version of the bill in May for concurrence.
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