Ventura Inaugurates Public Works Solar Project

Ventura Mayor Brian Brennan and other dignitaries officially inaugurated the City’s new clean, emissions-free solar electric system at the Department of Public Works Maintenance Yard at 336 Sanjon Road. Ventura’s 123 kW solar electric system — one of the largest solar projects in Ventura County — at its peak generates the equivalent energy to provide power for 120 homes.

Earlier this year, Ventura completed the solar electric system that generates onsite electricity used to power municipal operations. “Pursuing energy independence is a key objective of Ventura, consistent with our leadership in the ‘smart growth’ movement,” said Mayor Brennan. “By deploying sustainable solar solutions like this one, Ventura can help improve the environment, conserve natural resources, enhance our region’s overall quality of life, and help ensure a environmentally sustainable future.” The new solar array at the City’s maintenance yard will provide 40 percent of the electricity used at this facility. It will accrue $20,000 in utility savings annually, and will potentially save Ventura as much as $600,000 during the 30-year lifetime of the solar array, as well as reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by almost 1,200 tons — equivalent to planting 330 acres of trees, removing almost 230 cars, or not driving 3 million miles on the Ventura roadways. Covering 8,000 square feet and comprised of 650 solar panels, the solar electric “canopy” provides additional warehouse storage and periphery parking. The city’s use of solar electricity will help increase the reliability of the region’s electric system by diversifying the power supply, offsetting peak demand and shielding Ventura from price volatility. The City of Ventura cooperatively funded its new solar electric system with assistance from Southern California Edison and low interest loans from the California Energy Commission.


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