Utility Integration

An idea to clear out the SPP interconnection queue backlog to reduce renewable PPA...

Clearing the current queue backlog is the focus of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) generator interconnection staff. However, they are missing a key long-term solution to address the root cause of backlog, identifying network...

Can the US transmission planning process support a renewable energy future? FERC seeks comments

he new energy mix creates a need for expanded transmission and FERC wants to understand if its existing approach to transmission planning, cost allocation and interconnection is still relevant.

SEIA applauds NJ solar bills that encourage community solar, ‘dual-use’ solar and more

Earlier this month, the New Jersey legislature passed two pieces of legislation that will help increase solar development across the state.

Balancing a renewable grid: What are the options?

By Archie Robb Over the past decade or so, the dominant trend has been the retirement of coal plants and the steady advance of renewable sources of generation. The next wave appears to be the...

State ROFR laws are holding back transmission buildout in MISO and must go away

There are multiple opportunities for transmission buildout at MISO but limited prospects for independent transmission companies. Opportunities in favor of transmission include policy planning projects to interconnect renewable projects, the need for reliability in...
solar project under construction

Solar industry employment dropped 6.7% in 2020, new report shows

The U.S. solar industry employed 231,474 workers in 2020, a 6.7% drop from 2019 due to pandemic restrictions and increased labor productivity, according to the National Solar Jobs Census 2020 released today by the Solar Energy...

Massive solar + storage project receives federal approval to be built on US public...

The approval gives developer Sonoran West a green light to go forward with the construction of the Crimson Solar Project, a 350-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic facility with a 350-MW energy storage system.

The US needs more grid engineers to implement Biden’s plan (1 of 2)

Hiring engineers via the H1B process would address the immediate need for high voltage engineers.

Chocolate maker, home improvement company show their love for solar energy

Home Depot and NRG have each executed individual 100-MW solar PPAs, and The Hershey Company has contracted for a 50-MW solar PPA.

OUC getting help from Burns & Mac on hydrogen demonstration project

Mitigating the effects of solar power intermittency is just one of the challenges the new system will provide