Utility Business Model Report Provides Roadmap of Emerging Solar Strategies

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released its latest industry research report titled, Utility Solar Business Models: Emerging Utility Strategies & Innovation. The report takes a look at emerging utility innovations that could provide valuable information both across utility departments and into upper management.

Within the last year, major photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal plant announcements by utilities across the country are showing how the utility industry is helping to drive solar market transformation. A combination of external drivers is causing utility executives to consider the relevance and importance of solar in their overall business plans, according to the report, these include both renewable portfolio standards and the inverse relationship between increasing costs of traditional generation resources and declining costs of solar resources.
Funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar America Initiative and sponsored by SEPA, the report also examines promising business models for U.S. utility participation in solar electric generation markets and included input from investor-owned utilities (IOU) and publicly-owned utilities (POU) as well as solar companies from across the supply chain.

The new report offers a proactive look at lessons learned with a consideration toward developing best practices which will help make solar more practical and profitable in today’s shifting energy landscape. A copy of the full report can be downloaded from SEPA.

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