Utilities are Warming to Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are the most cost-competitive solar technology. But why do utilities pay more attention to the costlier solution, Solar PV?

That is changing. More attention is finally being paid to solar hot water as utilities look to integrate these technologies into their renewable portfolio standards. In this podcast, we’ll have a roundtable discussion on what we can learn from these experiences as both electric and water utilities start making larger investments in the sector.

Dell Jones, VP of Renewable Development with Regenesis Power, talks about the company’s solar-as-a-service model for hot water systems.

USH20’s Chip Bircher talks about the successful utility-scale programs that have been rolled over the years.

And ASES Fellow Joe McCabe describes the new business models emerging around large-scale deployment of solar hot water systems.

Inside Renewable Energy is a weekly audio news program featuring stories and interviews on all the latest developments in the renewable energy industries.

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