US solar market, CA leadership subject of upcoming webcast

In a free webcast, Paula Mints and Stefan Pietzsch will present “US Solar Market Overview and Future Trends.”

June 23, 2011 — The US rapidly lost market share in global photovoltaics (PV) shipments from the mid-1990s to today. California has emerged as a US solar power leader, a combination of “green” mindsets, large population, and political will. In a free webcast on June 27, presented by Intersolar North America, Paula Mints and Stefan Pietzsch will present “US Solar Market Overview and Future Trends.”

Through the mid-1990s, the US was the supply-side leader in solar PV shipments. The US now has a 6% share of global shipments. How this happened, and the US’s current photovoltaics manufacturing outlook, will lead the webcast presentation, along with ideas for how to improve its manufacturing footprint.

Part two of the webcast addresses the Californian downstream market, its historical development and future prospects. Incentive programs and political pressure have paved the way for California’s solar success, thus far. In the webcast, a comparison between the trail-blazing state and another leading US solar state will be made. Finally, the current incentive mechanisms are evaluated to cast light on future growth opportunities.

Paula Mints, director of energy, Navigant, has 14 years of experience analyzing the solar industry supply and demand trends. She is the principal analyst, author and executive editor of two annual reports and a frequent contributor to Photovoltaics World. Paula is a committee member for the Intersolar North America Conference.

Stefan Pietzsch, senior analyst at EuPD Research, is an expert in the analytics division. Pietzsch focuses on markets analysis and the external corporate competitive environment.


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