URGENT – Don’t miss your chance to claim the full solar FIT before it’s too late!

So now we know – after all the speculation on what changes might happen to the Feed In Tariff, we now have the bad news that everyone backing the increase in green solar power generation feared – a halving of the current FIT rate, that could well decimate the future of the UK solar revolution.

I’ve already gone on record – Government Review Could Halt Solar Revolution as saying that the move – which will reduce the generation tariff for solar PV installations with a total installed capacity of 4kW or less from 43.3p per KWp to 21p per KWp – is a real kick in the teeth for consumers, for the industry and for the UK’s green energy targets.

The proposal is that the new tariff will apply to all installations from 1 April 2012. However, anyone who has the system installed and certified between December 12 and 1 April will still get the higher rate for around fifteen weeks before the reduction kicks in.

Importantly, though, those people who move fast and have their system installed and certified before the December 12 deadline will continue to be eligible for the 43.3p rate.

Because of this, SDS has begun a Fast Track Scheme and we promise that anyone ordering a solar PV system from us before 5pm on Sunday 13th November will have their system installed by no later than the 5th of December, giving them a week to ensure that they have time to get their FIT application in before the deadline.

You can still beat the reduction, we have systems ready and waiting to be installed – contact Solar Direct Savings now.

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