Update on Octillion’s NanoPower Window

Octillion Corp. has announced an update on its research and development activities for the company’s transparent glass window potentially capable of generating electricity.

“Our silicon nanoparticles are the foundation of our NanoPower Windows,” said Nicholas Cucinelli, president and CEO of Octillion Corp. “In fact, independent tests have shown that the same silicon nanoparticles used in Octillion’s NanoPower Window(TM) are also able to enhance the power output of conventional solar cells by up to 70% in the ultraviolet light range and 10% in the visible. Consequently, and contingent on the success of our ongoing research, we are optimistic that transparent cells based entirely on our nanomaterials will one day offer a cost-effective photovoltaic enhancement to conventional windows.” 

Octillion’s NanoPower Window technology uses silicon nanoparticles that have the potential to convert conventional home, office and industrial glass windows into those capable of converting solar energy into electricity. The silicon nanoparticles are created through an electrochemical and ultrasound process that produces identically sized (1 to 4 nanometers in diameter) highly luminescent nanoparticles of silicon that provide varying wavelengths of photoluminescence with high quantum down-conversion efficiency of short wavelengths (50% to 60%).

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