United Nations Wants Consultants in Solar Energy

The United Nations will hire consultants for solar energy projects in Indonesia.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, 2001-05- The Republic of Indonesia has received a grant of SDR 7.6 million from the Global Environment Facility, to implement a Solar Home System Project. The government intends to use the grant to pay for consulting services for the remaining component of the project, which is worth $700,000. The final stage is to prepare a Study of Renewable Energy for Rural Transformation, which includes a legislative and regulatory assessment, development of energy priorities of key sectors in rural areas, renewable energy prospects evaluation and the development of an action plan for serving rural needs using renewable energy. The notice has been posted in the UN Development Business Online (GEF #TF-028488) with a deadline of expressions of interest by May 31. The consultant(s) will prepare a plan for enhancing social and economic development and reducing poverty of rural communities by meeting essential needs using renewable energy, where appropriate. The study will focus on the rural community needs health, education, communications, water supply, households and rural enterprise sectors that can be addressed in part by renewable energy. The main emphasis of the work will be on communities that are not served by the national power grid. Expertise is needed in social and economic analysis, poverty and gender assessment, renewable energy applications assessment; program planning and design, financial analysis, institutional assessment and planning, and micro-level business planning, especially for sustainable models of finance and operation. Expertise on renewable energy technologies with commercial prospects in Indonesia is essential. The work is expected to commence in January. Consultants must provide information on their qualifications and experience in similar assignments, and they may associate to enhance their qualifications. Selection of bidders will be in accordance with the World Bank’s guideline on the ‘Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers’ issued in 1999.

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