UniRac Partnership Simplifies Metal Roof Mounting

Attaching solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays to standing seam metal roofs will now be easier and less expensive according to UniRac and Metal Roof Innovations, which partnered on a licensing agreement for solar PV mounting.

Roof Innovations is the developer of the S-5! clamp for standing seam metal roofs. According to the company’s Founder and President, Rob Haddock, the S-5! clamping system has long been the preferred method of making attachments to standing seam metal roofs for all applications. Now they hope it will become the standard for PV mounting on the same roofs. As part of this arrangement, UniRac secured the exclusive right to manufacture a unique S-5! clamp for the North American PV market. The new PV clamp will work in conjunction with UniRac’s standard SolarMount top mounting module clamps. Haddock also said the licensing will allow UniRac to have the widest possible distribution in the PV market at the lowest possible cost. “The combination of the new S-5! PV clamp and standard SolarMount clamps completely eliminates the need for module mounting rails,” said Hal Newman, Co-Owner of UniRac. “The result will be dramatically lower PV module mounting costs on all standing seam metal roof installations, both in material and labor costs.” The new S-5! PV clamps, shipped in kits with matching SolarMount clamps and other hardware, will be available in January.
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