UniRac Adds to Solar PoleTop Line, Certification

July 22, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] A new 3-inch top-of-pole PV rack joins UniRac’s family of PV PoleTops. Effective immediately, the company also begins certifying Design Wind Pressure ratings for all of its top-of-pole mounts for photovoltaic arrays. UniRac said the new rack builds on the improvements made to the company’s full line of PV Poletops over the past three years. Extensive testing and engineering analysis led to a 3-inch complement to UniRac’s existing 2.5-inch and 4-inch PV PoleTops. UniRac now provides certification in writing of the wind load rating for any specific PV PoleTop application. The certification covers the whole system: mounting pole, type and number of modules, tilt angle, and site exposure zone. This service is unique in the PV industry, and it’s free. UniRac devotes its entire business to the manufacture of PV module racks for every type of array and all makes and models of modules.
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