Unidym and Nippon Kayaku Use Nanotubes in Thin Film Cells

Unidym, Inc., a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with Nippon Kayaku, to integrate Unidym’s printable transparent electrodes into Nippon Kayaku’s thin film solar cells.

Thin film solar cells require a transparent electrode material for optimal efficiency, and Unidym’s carbon nanotube-based electrodes could offer substantial benefits over the materials currently in use by Nippon Kayaku, such as indium tin oxide (ITO).

“Unidym’s products provide several advantages over ITO for solar cell manufacturers, including compatibility with high-volume, roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques, lower materials cost, and enhanced flexibility,” said Art Swift, Unidym’s CEO. “We expect our printable electrodes to significantly improve production economics for innovative solar companies like Nippon Kayaku and accelerate widespread adoption of solar power.”

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