Uni-Solar Success in San Diego

Uni-Solar, a thin-film solar technologies company, is offering its Uni-Solar SmartRoof residential solar electric system to homeowners.

Auburn Hills, Michigan – December 20, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The SmartRoof system can generate 50 to 90 percent of a typical household’s daily electrical needs, thus enabling homeowners to save money on their utility bills and in the process do something exceptional for the environment, said the company. In the last month, orders for 16 new Uni-Solar SmartRoof solar electric systems have been received from the San Diego test-market region. The company said the benefits of the system include enhanced aesthetics when compared to traditional rooftop-mounted solar systems, ease of installation, lower maintenance, enhanced resale and full integration into a home’s roof. “What I was looking for was a building-integrated solar system that would not distract from the beauty of my home the way traditional glass solar panels do and what I found was a SmartRoof solar electric system that was truly building integrated that actually added to the value of my home,” said one San Diego area resident. Mark Holohan, Uni-Solar’s residential sales manager emphasized the system’s ability to blend into an existing home. “Customers are looking for solar energy solutions that are maintenance-free and don’t compromise the look of their home; they are no longer willing to put up with obtrusive and bulky glass panels sitting on top of their roofs,” said Holohan. “Uni-Solar has a unique solar sales team. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they understand their home’s energy consumption and receive the optimal result from their solar roof. We are not just selling a solar electric product; we are selling integrated energy solutions.” Based on the success of the market test in the San Diego area, Uni-Solar now makes its SmartRoof system available in California and in the coming months throughout the United States and Europe. For a limited time, Uni-Solar is offering a free energy evaluation to California residents.
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