Umwelt-Sonne-Energie Completes 1.9-MW Solyndra Panel Project

Solyndra Inc. announced that Umwelt-Sonne-Energie GmbH (USE Projects), an authorized reseller, has completed the largest collective Solyndra project to date. The project consists of 1.9 megawatts (MW) of generation capability installed on 10 rooftop sites in Belgium owned by a large international food retailer.

The power generated by the systems will be sold to local utilities under an agreement with the building owners.

“This is a great example of how Solyndra’s PV systems can take advantage of underutilized commercial rooftop space to generate significant power. The project also offers a good model for how distributed power generation can work in an urban setting,” said Chris Gronet, Solyndra’s founder and CEO. “USE Projects designed and delivered a PV system that we believe can enable the highest energy production per roof over the system lifetime while taking advantage of Solyndra’s low overall installation costs.”

Solyndra’s cylindrical, thin film PV systems are designed to generate more electricity from typical low-slope commercial rooftops while providing significantly lower installation costs than conventional flat plate PV technologies. The Belgium project involved the installation of 1.928 MW on ten sites in ten cities, and was completed in just two months.


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