UK’s SolarAid Offers Solar Projects to Developing Countries

SolarAid is the UK’s first solar-energy charity intended to relieve poverty in the developing world through the use of solar energy, and offers education in matters relating to solar energy, climate change and the protection of the environment as well.

SolarAid installs solar systems, using photovoltaic modules, for community centers, medical clinics, schools and other communal buildings. It also trains local communities in do-it-yourself solar skills: how to build small devices such as solar-powered radios and lanterns, which can be then sold for an income. “Our vision is a world where everyone has affordable, clean, renewable power,” said Jeremy Leggett, a trustee of SolarAid. “We believe that this is crucial for sustainable development that builds communities while protecting the environment and fighting climate change.” SolarAid also carries out research into renewable energy generation, distribution, supply and use in the developing world. “If developing countries start using renewable energy now, they can grow in a sustainable way that protects their people and the environment,” added Leggett. SolarAid, whose first project is in Malawi, has the support of solarcentury, a solar energy company based in the UK that has pledged five percent of its net profit to the new charity.
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