UK residential solar installations near 500,000 milestone.

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The DECC has recently published figures that state that nearly half a million UK homes now have solar panel systems installed.

10.88MW of capacity has been added to the national grid for the W/E 15th Dec. This increases the number of small scale solar installations eligible for the FiT to 495.459, nearly all of which are  sub 50kW so are presumed to be residential ~4kW systems.

Leonie Greene from the STA has been quoted as saying:

 “It’s fantastic to think that, as the year ends, we’ll have achieved half a million UK solar-powered homes in the UK. STA staff will be contemplating that extraordinary milestone as they celebrate the New Year. Half a million homes have been achieved in three years. We want to achieve the next half a million homes in less than two years so that we can hit the big million in 2015. We’d like to see the whole industry pull together in 2014 to help us get the clear benefits of investment out to the public.”

It is hoped that the DECC will publish figures in the New Year that will show a breach of the ½ million installation achievement. This is welcomed by both government and industry professionals in addition to illustrating a clear progression towards the 1 million milestone hoped for in 2015/16.

With no planned reduction in the FiT payments due soon, we should hope that the next year will be a prosperous one for the solar industry and with rising energy bills many consumers will be looking to invest in renewable energy technologies that are both a sound investment and reduce their energy costs from the outset.

The Decc has stated that over £31 billion of investment has been announced in renewable electricity generation projects since 2010 attracting an additional £40 billion of further investment in renewable electricity by 2020. This should provide power for 10m residences and reduce CO2 emissions by 20million tonnes or 25% per home.

“We have driven the Energy Bill through Parliament on time to send out a clear signal to investors and industry. We have delivered the certainty they need and confirmed Britain’s position as one of the most attractive countries in the world to invest in energy generation.

We are now able to build on the measures already in place to deliver cleaner energy, affordable bills, energy security and the creation of thousands of skilled green jobs across the UK.” – The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Edward Davey has recently said.

Sixteen renewable energy generation projects have pushed forward to the Final Investment Decision Enabling for Renewables (FIDeR) process recently, which most probably will be supported either through investment contracts or the persistent Contracts for Difference (CfD) regime.

As a side note, there are currently over 20GW of renewables capacity operational in the UK  a figure that could easily double by 2020 as a result of the Government’s highly anticipated reforms.

For more information and to keep learn more about the renewable energy industry please visit EcoLocker  here.

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