Two-MW PV Installation in Germany Uses SolarMax Inverters

Northern Germany’s two-megawatt (2 MW) PV installation, which uses inverters from Sputnik Engineering AG, opened in the village of Rodenas, North Friesland, by Solarpark Rodenas GmbH.

Solarpark Rodenas GmbH uses seven 300-kilowatt (kW) SolarMax 300 C inverters to convert the direct current (DC) from the solar modules into alternating current (AC) in the 2-MW project. The whole system is monitored using the SolarMax web portal, which enables daily detailed interrogation of each row of modules and each individual inverter. While the new solar park is expected to achieve a yield of around 1,160 kilowatt-hours per kW, the new installation features astronomical tracking: the solar modules are mounted on 702 rotary tables that automatically track the movement of the sun, ensuring they are always optimally oriented throughout the day. An anemometer is linked to a system that prevents damage to the installation during high winds: once a defined wind speed is reached, all the towers are automatically turned into the wind.


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