Trina To Provide PV Cells for Hybrid Airplane

Trina Solar Limited has announced a cooperation agreement with LISA Airplanes for the building of the Hy-Bird, a solar and hydrogen powered airplane that is set to be the first to fly around the world using only renewable energies.

Under the agreement, Trina Solar will supply LISA Airplanes with almost 300 photovoltaic cells for the assembly of this hybrid airplane. The solar PV cells will be located on the wings and horizontal tail of the plane. LISA Airplanes has already produced a scale model and expects to complete assembly of the real plane by the end of 2009.

“We are pleased to have reached this cooperation agreement for the construction of a solar airplane, since it is a pioneering project and represents a unique and innovative photovoltaic application that underscores the high quality and reliability of Trina Solar PV products,” said Arturo Herrero, Trina Solar’s vice president of sales & marketing.

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