Trina Solar Casts Jumbo Multicrystalline Ingot

Trina Solar Limited, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products from the production of ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of PV modules, said this week that it became the first global solar PV module manufacturer to cast a multicrystalline ingot using GT Solar’s advanced DSS 450 furnace.

This was achieved in connection with the commercial launch of Trina Solar’s new multicrystalline module line.

The “jumbo” ingot is the result of Trina Solar’s contract with GT Solar Incorporated, which supplies the company with DSS 450 furnaces that grow multicrystalline ingots up to 450 kg. This is Trina Solar’s third order from GT Solar, representing approximately 300 MW of ingot growing capacity.

Jifan Gao, Trina Solar’s Chairman and CEO, said, “We are very proud to have achieved this important milestone, which represents a key step in our efforts to expand capacity while lowering production costs.”

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