To Lease or To Own Your Solar Array (Infographic)

This article originally posted at ilsr.orgThis article was written by Nick Stumo-Langer the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s Communications Manager. He regularly publishes articles and designs graphics based on local, renewable energy.

Is owning your solar array your best option, or is leasing right for you? Along with our existing Solar Calculators (both complex and simplified), we have this new infographic.

This graphic details the two different ownership structures based around a number of important categories. Please note that solar panels typically carry a 20-year warranty, but most panels are expected to continue producing electricity for 30 years or more.


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John Farrell is the Director of Democratic Energy at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and widely known as the guru of distributed energy.John is best known for his vivid illustrations of the economic and environmental benefits of local ownership of decentralized renewable energy.John Farrell can also be found on Twitter @johnffarrell, or at

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