Three Solar Partners Will Install Heliotube

Practical Instruments announced new partnerships with three Southern California-based installers of solar power systems to distribute Heliotube, its low-profile tracking technology: Energy Options, Permacity Corporation and Advanced Solar Electric. “With its unique integrated tracking ability, Heliotube is able to absorb and convert energy from the sun over a longer period of time than traditional solar panels. We see this as distinct advantage for our customer base,” said Bruce Hatchett, president of Energy Options. Based on solar concentrator technology, Heliotube integrates a patented technology into the standard flat panel form traditionally used by solar installers. It requires less silicon and is less expensive than conventional solar panels. Heliotube produces more watts, a faster payback and a higher return on investment (ROI) to commercial and industrial users of solar power. “When considering a solar solution, 90 percent of a customer’s decision is based on cost savings; a lower price is what everybody wants,” said Hatchett. “That said, the growing movement towards performance-based incentives, which allow owners to get credit for hours in which their solar systems exceed their needs is becoming more appealing to customers in the know.”
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