Thin-Film Solar for San Diego Schools

Through a partnership between Solar Integrated Technologies and GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services, a total of 14 San Diego Schools are expected to have their roof’s covered in thin-film solar photovoltaic panels within the next few weeks.

Solar Integrated Technologies (SIT) is providing the thin-film solar PV while GE’s energy finance division is helping to cover the up-front costs. After an initial investment of approximately $17 million for the project, GE has the right of first refusal on up to $500 million to fund existing and prospective solar roofing projects as they come from Solar Integrated. In addition, Solar Integrated’s factory benefits from its location: It’s in a federal Historically Underutilized Business Zone and California Enterprise Zone in the Alameda Corridor of South Los Angeles, so it qualifies for government incentives for economically distressed communities. GE, drawing on its extensive process management experience, is also making available to Solar Integrated its “At the Customer, For the Customer” program, or ACFC. Through ACFC, GE shares its tools, executive talent and best practices to help clients grow. SIT was founded by two entrepreneurs with backgrounds in commercial roofing. They developed the company’s proprietary photovoltaic (PV) roofing systems whereby lightweight but durable single-ply roofing membrane is embedded with flexible, thin-film PV cells and then rolled onto a building.
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