Thin-film and flexible PV benefit from DuPont Kapton PV products

DuPont has developed two key products for a-Si modules and CIGS photovoltaic applications; and additional Kapton technologies are in development.

(October 15, 2010) — DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials announced the commercial availability of DuPont Kapton polyimide films engineered for thin film and flexible photovoltaic substrates.  DuPont has developed two key products for Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) modules and Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic applications; and additional Kapton technologies are in development to further increase the efficiency and lifetime of photovoltaic modules, reduce overall system costs and help the industry reach grid parity faster.

The new products include:

  • DuPont Kapton PV9101polymide film for ease of manufacturing and robust mechanical performance;
  • DuPont Kapton PV9102 polyimide film for ease of manufacturing and increased productivity; and,
  • DuPont Kapton PV9103 polyimide film, which will be available later this year.

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In thin film a-Si modules and CIGS applications, the mechanical properties and dimensional stability of these substrates at elevated deposition temperatures are critical to producing cells with maximum efficiency and yields. The products’ combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties withstand extreme temperature and other demanding environments, said Robert G. Schmidt, new business development manager, Photovoltaics – DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials. The low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), high glass transition temperature (Tg) and low shrinkage of Kapton polyimide films help minimize stress at the interface with other materials of construction, both during processing and end use in temperature extremes. The thermal stability of Kapton films also allows processing temperatures in excess of 400°C.

DuPont Kapton polyimide films provide roll-to-roll processing capability, low moisture uptake and high moisture release characteristics, excellent electrical properties and increased voltage endurance, and ceramic-filled versions to increase corona resistance and thermal conductivity.

DuPont is a science-based products and services company. To learn more, please visit

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