The U.S. government introduces new laws to manage the solar develop project on the public land

The U.S. Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy recently released PEIS, which aims at the solar inverter UK project on the Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah six states. If there is no opposition in 30 days, the government will allow developing public facilities level project with over 20MW capacity on public land.


It is prospected that Solar PEIS will be as the road map of the solar power development to establish available existing or planned transferring solar power area. The comprehensive analysis of the blueprint will speed up the approval process of developing solar inverter manufacturers project on public land.


The Minister of Interior Department Ken Salazar said, ‘The purpose of the blueprint is to speed up the space that intelligently develops public facilities level project on American public land. This is to lay a solid foundation for the project and will be an important milestone in the future 20 years of the road protecting public land.’


The Minister of Energy Department Steven Chu said, ‘Developing the U.S. solar resources is part of the promise that Obama government raises to expand the U.S. energy production, improve solar power inverter energy safety and create employment opportunity. The new road map is to select the most suitable public land for solar project, improve the approval process and create support policies to bring the American home and companies more renewable energy.’


The work focus of the Solar PEIS plan is to find the most suitable part for solar project on the BLM land. Final PEIS has determined 17 SEZ, total 185,000 acres public land. As the first preferred land for public facilities level project, by existing and planning process, more areas will be found.

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