The US anti-dumping aims to keep within limits with Chinese strategic emerging industry

The United States has pursued vigorously on Chinese PV inverter products, which shows that they want to ‘Kill two birds with one stone’. On one hand, they want to hold back the Chinese PV industry. And on the other hand is to protect the local solar power industry. Since 2007, China has become the biggest PV products export country and been leading place in terms of industrial scale, technology and price, while most of the American PV companies have suffered a lot.


The US International Trade Commit has made the final decision that the Crystalline silicon importing from China have done destructions on the US PV power inverter industry and the US Department of Commerce will levy a anti-dumping tax on the Chinese PV module products. This final ruling has made a dangerous precedent. The 2012 American election also promoted the double anti-dumping. Some specialists point out that the Votes candidates of Democratic and Republican race have a hard-line attitude toward China and meanwhile, they made incrimination the national unemployment, the economic downturn of China to transfer internal contradictions.


The Minister of the US Energy and Power Department, Steven Chu, once said that faced with fierce competition of the global energy, the United States cannot take the initiative waving the white flag and ceding Clean Energy Leader position. Therefore, the PV inverter manufacturers in US blame to the dumping with lower price of China. They have taken the trouble to accuse China in the field of new energy subsidies, and that the Chinese government provides too much convenience for the new energy companies.

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