The PV grid will save the solar power industry

New energy industry, especially the PV industry, is an important development trend and it will not change. It is normal for government to make intensive introductions of the benefit policies. However, these policies should pay attention to the follow-up development in case of the disorderly development.


No matter what the situation of the photovoltaic industry, to develop PV inverter  industry will certainly be a great trend in the future. Under this background, government will no doubt save the industry. as for the effect, it depends on the policy, such as subsidy on new energy.


The PV companies also need to seek ways to save themselves. The first one is to tap the domestic market and actively participate in the construction of domestic new energy solar inverter market. The second approach is to penetrate overseas markets, including Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. Thirdly, to invest the construction of power plant in the country which even sets double anti-dumping on Chinese photovoltaic products. It is still a choice available.


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