The output quantity keep increasing while the incomes of sales reduce

According to the quarter report of Solarbuzzz, with the demand over pv inverter supply, although the output is keeping increasing, the income of the sales still reduces.


As the rate of income and output is continued to fall, the increase of the income faces challenge. Actually, the rate of income and output is falling since it reached top over 4 in the second quarter of 2004.


Although it is different between every crystalline silicon module manufacturers, the total income of PV inverter module sales is determined by both the average price of modules and output. For the leader in the industry, even the average price reduced before, the quarter income is possible to increase. It is mainly because that in the past, the speed of terminal demands increased faster than that of the decrease of average price, as well as the market share increase brought by the quittance of the competitor.


As a matter of fact, the steady increasing income and the positive pv inverter  profitability is the key factor to promote the leap of the new PV manufacturing capacity and investment from 2010 to 2011. Certainly, it is the reason of the oversupply. Oversupply and the following sales competition lead to the increase of average price and profit.


But although the capacity increased, the increasing speed of the output of most lead module manufacturers is still faster than that of the falling speed of the average price so as to get higher sales income. Actually, the above trend lasts by the early year of 2012.

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