The only way to save photovoltaic industry—Photovoltaic Power Grid

Due to various factors, the PV inverter industry is in trouble, but in a long term, the photovoltaic industry is of great development potential. The current problem is that the imbalance of demand and supply in the short term leads to the overall difficulties.


The National Grid announced not long before that the PV power plant below 6GW can directly apply for grid. This policy Is for the localization of the photovoltaic industry so as to loosen the requirement of the grid power inverter . Meanwhile, they also published many ancillary policies. It certainly is good news. The policy involved is mainly the grid users, but to improve the user demands have great effects on promoting the demand of the whole market.


Grid will cause a little loss of the National Grid Company as now the grid is for free. There are two thinking need to be clear under this pattern. Firstly, to the National Grid, the country should set a fundamental direction of the power reform. We can consider the transportation system and show charity in the future. We can create more value for the society by intelligence improvement. Secondly, to the PV companies, they should increase the intensity of the survival of the fittest. Currently, the overcapacity situation is more seriously. Since the fierce solar inverter market situation has been brutally laid out in front of us, the companies with poor technology, small scale and high consumption should be ruled out.


Whatever is the current situation of PV industry, to develop solar power will be the trend. Under this background, the country will no doubt save the PV industry. As for the result and effect, it will depend on the force, such as the subsidy n new energy. However, these policies should pay attention to the follow-up development in case of the disorderly development.


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